Each furniture piece begins with wood we have dried, and individually selected for quality of color & grain appropriate to the design. Every board, whether it's wide-board cherry, flowing grained curly maple, rich walnut or honey-toned country pine, is carefully matched & hand-planed. Time-honored joinery methods: mortise and tenon, hand-cut dovetails, cut nails & scrub-planed drawer bottoms provide quality and strength.

In addition, details like intricate, one-of-a-kind carvings, retained scribe marks, & hand-turned knobs to the final hand-rubbed finish, assure that each piece's beauty & value will endure. All period designs are carefully transposed from museum pieces & privately owned examples of outstanding 17th and 18th century American craftsmanship. We also offer innovative adaptations of period styles for modern use.

Every piece bearing our trademark--authentic period designs, adaptations, our design or yours--is handcrafted with the same quality materials, traditional construction & attention to detail.

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John K. Spicer - 380 King Ave, South Lebanon, Ohio 45065 - (513) 494-2598